Presale Whitelist and Launch Details

Giga KuMoon
3 min readJul 8, 2021

Hey there astronauts!


Sunday July 11– 00:00 UTC

Monday July 12–14:00 UTC

Up to 175 KCS will be raised and distributed.

Presale & Listing Prices

80% will go to liquidity so if 175 KCS is raised. 140 KCS will go to liquidity

Presale Price = 0.0053 KCS / GKM
Listing Price = 0.010 KCS / GKM

Max contribution: $750 worth of KCS at the time of presale
Min contribution: $100 worth of KCS at the time of presale

Softcap: $5k worth of KCS
Hardcap: $20k worth of KCS

Refunds will be available if the softcap is not hit.

Presalers will start with almost 1x in gains at launch. Presalers have guaranteed allocations that will be hard to secure.

The transaction limit is set to 300 tokens for the first few hours after launch.
This prevents presalers dumps as their gains at launch will be far less than a normal listing and incentivizes people to pick up the supply. The high reflections and reward that are given out in KCS is an incentive for participants to farm the token.
This also means that presalers’ guaranteed allocations are valuable.

From our observation we noticed on new KCC coins, presalers usually dump at listing. Users are given the address before launch and non-presalers and bots pump the price and Presalers take their gains and move on. Our launch will be stealth to prevent this. Thus presalers will only be dumping amonst themselves if they choose to sell immediately.

How do I get into the whitelist?
Fill in this form:

Keep in mind that the Presale contribution address is a multisig contract. It can only send funds when all the people on the multisig approve.
And the people on the multisig are 5 different trusted team members of the community including Vitalik Buterin’s address, thus making it impossible to dislocate the funds.

Once the hardcap is reached or the soft cap is hit before the presale deadline ends, users can claim their tokens through The deployed GKM address will be passed to the address and the KCS will be automatically added to liquidity.

Before we blast off into space

Lots of thought and hard work has been put in to make this a good experience! We hope you guys have a great time. We’ll be jaming with a song made by us before launch.

This is an experimental yield farm. The goal is to escape to norms of the usual tokenomics of these types of DeFi Protocols. We will be bridging this product to a chain of other DeFi protocols and yield farms and build up upon it.



GIGAKUMOON is a Defi experiment. The GIGAKUMOON token carries no intrinsic financial value and does not pretend otherwise.

GIGAKUMOON contracts have not been audited yet and is still undergoing, however our team, contributors and developers have made reasonable efforts to ensure the protocols integrity through rigorous testing and collaboration, as well as, by developing GIGAKUMOON using battle-tested code.

Any person or entity who chooses to engage with the GIGAKUMOON and associated contracts are doing so completely at their own risk.

The GIGAKUMOON developmental roadmap aspirational and delivery (or non-delivery) of these objectives is entirely at the teams sole discretion.

To facilitate faster development and improvements, the GIGAKUMOON team will remain anonymous in line with Defi industry practice.

The GIGAKUMOON team and community will not be liable in any way for financial losses incurred due to your use of GIGAKUMOON platform or GIGAKUMOON token.

Please perform your own due diligence and thorough research on GIGAKUMOON and the other protocols before taking any action.